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First practice: November 30th with ½ first payment due at this time, December calendar up online

Fees: First half due at first practice either Nov 30th or Dec 2nd, second half due February 7th

5th grade: $340

6th grade  

Kaili/Hannah, Emilee/Peyton’s teams $500

Jason’s team: $480

7th grade: $520

8th grade: $550

Fundraising: Cookie dough, tubs are $15 each and you make $7.50 per tub sold. All money paid into the club then will be taken off your second half dues. Orders are due to your coaches by December 1st and cookie dough will be delivered on December 14th at practice. Checks made out to Waukee Volleyball Club. This is optional.

Spikefest: February 27th, all teams will be participating in our home tournament

Clinics:  All girls need to complete the scorekeeping and reffing online. Please go to our website and go under clinics for directions. If you have issues with this, please contact the Iowa Region.

Parents: Region requires there to be a parent/coach present at the score table when each team is reffing. We need two parent volunteers per 7th/8th grade. We will reimburse each parent but they must complete the score clinic as well. You can do this together with your daughter to get credit, and then just notify the region.

Rosters: While you are on the region website doing the scorekeeping/reffing clinics, you will need to ensure your daughter is showing affiliated with Waukee Volleyball club so we can assign her to a roster. If you have issues with this, please contact the Iowa Region. This should be under the registration section.

Apparel: Click on the link for the store. This will close at 12pm on Monday November 16th to ensure we get our apparel before our first tournaments. This is optional.

Uniforms: Jill and I need your size as we will order these, as these are included in your fees. You must pay your first half fees to get your uniform as we had issues with late payments last year.

Online: Our website or twitter @waukeeclubvb as twitter is where we will post any updates regarding practice times, schedules, results of tournaments, etc. Please feel free to email us or text your coaches pictures of the girls and we can put them up there

Contact Information: Shannon and Jill